Announcements since 20/05/2018
13/05/2019 New Club 10k Record

Congratulations to Ken Popple for setting an inaugural club MV80 10k record at the Eye 10k in a time of 1:06:01

13/05/2019 New Club 10k Record

Congratulations to Jude Thomas on beating her own FV60 10k club record at Eye 10k in a time of 49:50

29/04/2019 Juinor Handicap Race

Junior handicap race results are now available.

29/04/2019 New Club Marathon Record

Congratulations to Paul Halford on setting a new MV45 Marathon record in 2:51:38 at London.

23/04/2019 Junior Easter Egg

Junior Easter Egg race results are now available.

23/04/2019 New Junior Championships Results

Latest championship results are now available.

22/04/2019 New Club Record

Congratunations to Malc Jacklin on setting a new MV55 5k club record at Rutland Parkrun in a time of 19:33

15/04/2019 New Club Record

Congratulations to Roger Sayer who set a new MV65 Marathon record at Peterborough in a time of 3:38:02

11/04/2019 Handicap Winter Series

Final results for the 2018/19 winter handicap series are now available.

02/04/2019 New Club Record

Congratulations to Jude Thomas who set a new LV60 club record finishing the Thorney 10k in 50:11

02/04/2019 Senior Championships

Results updated following the Thorney 10k

24/03/2019 Juinor Champs

The Junior club champs standings after Race 2 are now available.

13/03/2019 Handicap postponed

The handicap due to take place on Thursday 14th March has been postponed as ongoing maintenance work in Cuckoo's Hollow means part of the route is likely to be coned off.

12/03/2019 Living Sport 10k 31 March

The organisers have sent me their certificate of course accuracy today, so I've updated the diary to reflect this.

10/02/2019 Volunteers needed for parkrun takeover

The next WJ takeover of Peterborough parkrun takes place on Saturday 2nd March.  If you are able to help then please let Ros Hamlyn know so she can add you to the volunteer roster. Thank you.

05/02/2019 Senior Club Champs

Results from Round 1 are now available.

05/02/2019 Standards and Records - Change to Qualifying Race Rules

Dear Members

At the most recent Committee meeting it was decided, in light of the number of multi-terrain races being promoted this year, to change the rules of the club with regard to Standards and Records. Until now to qualify as an acceptable race the course had to hold a Certified Accurate certificate issued by the Association of UK Course Measurers (

The ACM issue two types of certificate;

"Certified Accurate"

This certifies a race as being both accurately measured, and a Road Race (not more than 10% unsealed road surface as defined by the IAAF)

"Registered Distance"


This certifies a race as being accurately measured, but including more than 10% unsealed surface.

Until this decision Werrington Joggers, being a road running club, only accepted races that were Certified Accurate (with the exception of Rutland and Peterborough Parkruns and the Werrington Guesstimate). The Committee have decided with immediate effect to accept claims for races taking place on courses covered by the Registered Distance certificate as well. As a consequence many of the races promoted for Nene Park will now be acceptable for Standards and Records. This decision is not retrospective and no claims can be made for Registered Distance races prior to 04th Feb 2019. The websites will be changed in due course to reflect this

11/01/2019 2017/18 Club Championships

Final standings now available.

13/12/2018 Handicap Results

Handicap results from tonights race are now available

05/12/2018 Proposal for Second Strip

At the AGM a request was made for the committee to consider a second club strip, especially for summer races. After investigation into the rules governing races there are no technical reasons why the club could not register a second strip; but in all team competitions there are rules requiring all members competing needing to wear the same strip. For Cambs Road League, Relays and other team races this would be problematic to organise for the team captain and would cause race referees additional work. In addition the committee felt that organising and holding a second stock of kit would also generate additional administration work and cost for the club, so on the whole were not in support of the proposal after due consideration.


If enough members feel strongly that this should be reconsidered, we would do so, but there would need to be a considerable number of requests in support of the proposal to balance both the cost of buying the kit, the administration and complexities with regard to events.




04/12/2018 Frostbite Race 3 - Directions and Information

From the Frostbite League;

Race HQ: Countryside Centre, Hinchingbrooke County Park, Brampton Road, Huntingdon, Cambs PE29 6DB  Both junior and senior races are within the park and are traffic free. 
Car parking: Parking at following locations:  • Ample free parking at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.  o Permit must be shown, issued by marshals at entrance.  o Car park 1 – enter the car park and just park up. Leave when ready. o Car park 2 – enter the barrier. Retain the yellow chip coin and before exit take the coin to the parking hut or the main reception desk where it will be validated.  o 5-minute walk to race start. • 150 free spaces in main car park.  o Permit must be shown, issued by marshals at entrance.  o Normally full by 10am. Please do not park at Huntingdon race course, Hinchingbrooke Business Park or the Schools as we don’t have permission. Huntingdon race course has horse race meeting on the same day!
Toilets: Within Visitors & Countryside centres  Race HQ - Countryside centre:   • Meeting & seated area  • Refreshments including: Tea, Coffee, rolls and cakes. 
Course Terrain: Both races cover a mixed terrain surface including grass, un-surfaced muddy tracks, compact gravel and tarmac footpaths. Not suitable for spikes. Recommend: ideally trail, or normal road shoes.  Start & Finish: On grass field at front of countryside centre. Junior starts at 10:15am, Senior at 11am. 

21/11/2018 Club Championships 2019

All dates are now in the diary and available from the Senior Club Championships page.

17/11/2018 Handicap Results

Senior handicap results from 15/11/2018 are now available.

11/11/2018 LivingSport Peterborough 10 Mile Race

This new race on the calendar is round our favourite haunt of Ferry Meadows. Its organised by LivingSport and is chip time and officially measured. To reiterate the chairman's Tuesday notices, please be aware that as a multi-terrain race this is not eligible for club standards or records. I'd love someone who takes part to volunteer to write a Race Report for the website. If you have entered it; good luck and happy racing.

11/11/2018 Standards - Triplets and Super 6

Its that time of year where we start getting the Standards Triplet and Super 6 trophies engraved. Please take the time to look at the standards website page here to make sure your achievements have been properly recorded.

If you are not listed in the Annual Awards list, please contact me soonest to make sure your claims have been entered correctly; if you are not on this list you are not getting a Triplet or Super 6 this year. Final claims must be made by midnight 30th November, as the system closes down to allow enough time to get the trophies ordered and engraved.

Please double and triple check the wording on the Annual Awards page - the section in Blue with your name and age group etc on it is exactly what will be engraved on your award. Name spelling errors should be notified to me as soon as possible please, and no later than 30th November.

09/11/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Paul Halford for breaking the MV45 10 mile record at the Fenland 10 with a time of 57:01

01/11/2018 Frostbite Parking Discount

Please see the Article "Frostbite Parking - Guidance" below for details of how to access the discounted parking rate for Sunday's Frostbite race.

27/10/2018 New Club Record

Congratualtions to Malc Jacklin on setting a new MV55 5k record at Peterborough Parkrun of 19:59.

21/10/2018 Try the Track Extra Sessions

Check out the club diary for details.  These sessions are run by Ros Hamlyn

16/10/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Paul Halford for breaking the MV45 Half Marathon record at the PGER at the weekend with a time fo 1:15:41

15/10/2018 Newcomer of the Year

Members who have joined this year and are therefore eligible to be nominated as Newcomer of the Year are


Peter Norman

Ross Brown

Richard Lowings

Martin Hall

Emily Douse

Ricky Moran

Heather Revell

Laura Whale

Andrew Keir

Wendette Christian

Julie Collings

Mark Crookes

James Savage

Richard Moisey

Shayne Taylor

Gabriela Chandler

Tom Mayes

Rachel Morton

Maria Inquieti

Aalyah Naqvi

Julie Posnett

Kate Mann

Kayley Moses

Catherine French

Laura Anne Wilson

Sharon Stancer

Sharon Hodgkin

Alan Good

Robert Graham

Vikki Tompsett

Marie Drury


15/10/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Jude Thomas for smashing the existing LV60 Half Marathon record at the PGER yesterday in a time of 1:53:00

08/10/2018 Be safe Be Seen

There was some concern last week about the number of club members in dark clothing going out for the Tuesday evening run so we have bought a stock of "one size fits most" reflective bibs


They are £5 each and Tim will have them tomorrow evening. If you'd like one please bring your £5 then you can put it straight on for the Tuesday run

08/10/2018 Advance Performance vouchers

Tim has received 10 x £10 vouchers to be used against the purchase of running shoes from Advance Performance (excluding sale shoes). They are valid for a month, expiring on 2nd November 2018. If you would like one please let Tim know via the wjchairman email address and he'll have it for you next Tuesday

02/10/2018 New Club Record

Congratualtions to Thomas Fairclough who has repeated last years feat and beaten his own MV65 Marathon record with a time of 3:50:02 at the Loch Ness Mararthon.

02/10/2018 Priory Park Frostbite - Additional Parking

Riverside Runners have managed to provide some more dedicated parking this year. Please see here

for details of the off street parking arranged in addition to the normal locations.

05/09/2018 Juniors Autumn Season

Just a reminder that our Juniors season starts again on Tuesday 4th September.

19/08/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Ken Popple who set the MV75 5k record at the Barney Memorial 5k last wednesday in a time of 29:38

13/08/2018 Senior Club Championships Updated

Updated following the Werrington Closed 5

02/08/2018 Senior Championships Update

Senior championship standings are now updated after the Heckington 10.

31/07/2018 Grimsthorpe 10k is Back !

Please share to all your members, thanks in advance

Lisa Richardson

Bourne Town Harriers


Hello Clubs/athletes

Could you please forward to all facebook pages/athletes via email or however you contact all your members - Grimsthorpe Castle10k/3k is back!

We have been steadily bringing this race back from the brink since Grimsthorpe Castle estate stopped having their family fun day with the 10k/3k attached. Each year, we aim to make it bigger and better, so little by little we are getting there.

The date for this year is Sun 16 Sep and we have new bespoke medals for the 10k! The start and finish is directly by the entrance to the house so a spectacular photo opportunity as you go through the line. Prizes for individuals and teams (4 men, 3 women to count).

If you’ve never done the course - it is picturesque, multi-terrain and has elements of elevation! Trail shoes are advised.

Entries are via  

3k race starts at 10.15am and family members have free entry to the estate from  10.30am only but it then for the whole day - so why not bring a picnic and enjoy what the estate has to offer - castle, park and gardens plus a tea room and shop.

10k race starts at 11am. 

The castle is situated on the A151 PE10 0LY - north east of Bourne, Lincolnshire.


29/07/2018 Guestimate - Updated Results

A couple of errors crept into the original posted Guestimate results, these are now corrected and updated.

28/07/2018 Heckington 10 - Eligibility

Unfortunately today's Heckington 10 wasn't.


I mean it wasn't 10 miles. It was about 150m short of the published distance becasue the race officials directed us off the track one lap too soon when we started. It seems they put in part of a lap at the end to try to make the distance up, but it was still short. Although 150m sounds a trivial amount after 10 miles, depending on your finish speed, it could be 20-50 seconds of running.

This means that, although the race had a license and the route was a measured 10m, the actual race today cannot be claimed as a Standard or be used as a Club Record. Of course, the club championships do not require a measured route, so all the points and positions are unaffected.


26/07/2018 Senior Championships

latest standings after the 5k now available

24/07/2018 Guestimate Results

2018 Guestimate results are now available on the Seniors pages

14/07/2018 New Runners Rota Update

An up to date new runners rota is now available

07/07/2018 Get Fit for the Eastern - Runners needed

Volunteers required

Get Fit for the Eastern Sessions start on 11th July and will be held fortnightly so on 25th July,  8thAugust,  22ndAugust,  5thSeptember,  19th September and 3rd   October.  GPAN would like runners from the local clubs to come along and take part in a 50 minute run (25 mins out and 25 mins back) on  route from the Athletics track.  You can run at whatever pace you like, please be prepared to say what pace you will run at. 

If there is anyone attending the sessions that wants to run at this pace they will run with you. 

There is no track alternative for volunteer club runners so there is no free Track session for club runners. 

Try the Track stops on Wednesday 20th June and restarts on 17th October. The Get Fit for the Eastern track sessions are being run for beginners. All lanes will be being used by the groups at the track so there is no facility for club runners to do their own thing.

07/07/2018 BRJ Invitational Social 10k

BRJ would like to invite members of all the Frostbite League clubs to a social 10K run on Tuesday 17th July.


The run is from the Three Jolly Butchers pub in Houghton/Wyton, in between Huntingdon and St Ives

3 Huntingdon Rd


PE28 2AD

There is only limited car parking at the pub so car sharing is encouraged, there is space on the street nearby to park as well.


Start time is 7pm, the 10k route will go through St Ives and the Hemingfords before returning to Houghton.


BRJ members will accompany different pace groups to guide all around the route - all then welcome for a drink in the pub afterwards.  


Details are on the BRJ website



07/07/2018 Sunday Run Correction

Until today the website incorrectly showed the Sunday Run on 8th July as Ferry Meadows.  It has been corrected now. The run is from Morrisons.

26/06/2018 Xtreme Guestimate

New details on the Xtreme Guestimate now in the diary.

21/06/2018 Senior Champs Updated

Latest standings after race 3 are now available.

21/06/2018 Junior Champs Updated

Latest standings after Race 5 are now available.

13/06/2018 Club Mile Results Available

Mixed Juinor and Senior mile results are on the Senior Club Championship Mile page.

31/05/2018 Senior Club Championship Results Updated

The senior club championship results are updated following Round 2